TTG Ama Pierrot: "I don't strip myself, the water from abroad cleans me"!

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TTG Bikutsi artist Ama Pierrot spoke about stripping. Suspected by his fans of bleaching their skin for a few years, the singer wanted to clear things up by declaring that it is his natural complexion.

In a big interview with CRTV, the Cameroonian state media artist Ama Pierrot argues that he is not a follower of skin whitening. For him, the sudden whiteness of his skin is not the result of chemicals from cosmetic laboratories, on the contrary, it relates to the quality of his life.

« People need to understand. The stage in suffering is different from the stage, when you already have a little, and the life you lead is no longer that of yesterday. In a nutshell, I live in two nations. I live a lot more in Switzerland. Nothing but the water I wash with. The water of Europe, do you know Europe? », Supports the latter on the antennas of the CRTV.

« The water of Europe has limestone. You don't need to anoint yourself. Water alone, when you have just arrived, whether in France or elsewhere in Europe, you have to look at how dirty the bathtub is. Limestone cleans you. I already benefit from this. I do not strip and it goes with my skin. I was born brown, those who know me know that my skin has only one colorHe continues.

In Cameroon and Africa, skin bleaching is a very common phenomenon in showbizzing. Many artists have also opted for the denunciation of this practice dangerous to health. This is how several awareness campaigns are organized for the needs of the cause. Mani Bella, a Bikutsi singer is a pioneer in this struggle.



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