"Professor Fame Ndongo is irrelevant"

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Following the last outing of Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo, dealing with Achille Mbembe's call for mobilization to “liberate Cameroon” from an anachronism, the author of brutalism replied to him this afternoon of October 7, 2020.

Fame Ndongo, Achille Mbembe (c) Photo montage

It is an epistolary battle that has been taking place on the web between Achille Mbembe and Jacques Fame Ndongo for more than 24 hours now. After a first text by the expatriate Cameroonian philosopher, denouncing the detention without trial of certain compatriots, and calling for a mobilization of the diaspora to get Cameroon out of the “satrapic” governance of the Biya regime, the communications secretary of the CPDM replied a few hours later.

“Mr. Mbembe's point of view is anachronistic: Do we free a people who have been liberated since January 1, 1960 (independence of French-speaking Cameroon) and October 1, 1961 (Independence of English-speaking Cameroon and reunification with French-speaking Cameroon)? As for speech and the political landscape, they were freed with the laws of December 19, 1990 promulgated by President Paul Biya… ”, a writes Fame Ndongo in his communication.

The counterattack signed Mbembe

Also via Facebook, Achille Mbembe made the observation that, « yesterday's note (his own, Editor's note) concerning the condition of "captives" (prisoners of conscience) in Cameroon provoked a political response from one of the spokespersons of the ruling party, Professor Fame Ndongo ”.

For him, "The answer, unfortunately, deals with everything except the subject I raised." He ultimately announces a forthcoming release in the coming days: "I will come back to the issue of 'captives' in Cameroon in the coming weeks."

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