How Bimstr Agency revitalized the communication of the TOP brand

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Wanda Peeps, you've probably never wanted to drink a TOP so much! Under the leadership of Bimstr Agency, the Brasseries du Cameroun brand, which has been marketing juices at 237 for decades, has taken on a facelift, not to say a boost, at a time when digital communication is essential for consumers. small and large companies. Together, let's analyze the new direction taken by the Top brand thanks to Bimstr, to the maneuver behind its various social networks!

Not a day goes by without Top's CM - as Internet users usually say - pulling a smile from us. Taking advantage of each buzz or each hot news to lay us a visual from elsewhere while highlighting the TOP brand, the little fingers behind the different accounts of the Brasseries du Cameroun juice brand, we are delighted. This is called Newsjacking. Surfing a buzz to promote a brand, product or service.

For this renewal of TOP which seduces and makes you want, we must cut the coffee to the Cameroonian company BIMSTR Group, and more especially his communication agency BIMSTR Agency, which has been able to revitalize the brand by offering solutions adapted to its needs and especially its consumers. Guys always on time!

For laymen, BIMSTR Agency is an innovative agency whose goal is to support the presence of brands across the board in their digital, audiovisual and event communication issues. Based on its experience, it also delivers practical Community Management training to individuals / companies as well as visual identity design (logos, photos, symbols, patterns, videos, websites, etc.). Moreover, requesting this said service allows customers to benefit from a promotion on their media.

Also, it is with remarkable skill that the agency appropriated the communication of the TOP brand, notably increasing its popularity with the general public thanks to the Chimpate * of their visuals. The most common of these is the Top Mag, through which Bimstr Agency has surfed on the trend of Vogue Challenge which caught fire on the Twitter platform last February. Guys took it all in to create a Top mag which spread like wildfire. If you haven't seen these visuals scrolling through your Stories and Statuses, Wanda Peeps, you're still using the Tchoronko **!

Another visual that has greatly distinguished itself among Internet users, that of the bottle of Top Sliced ​​Pineapple ! An intriguing visual that surfed exactly on the news of the moment and which seduced so much nobody expected it. The visual went everywhere and everyone shared it.

The visual Top by private jet has not gone unnoticed either. Pure Bimstr Agency spirit! Once again, the agency used hot news to provide us with a refreshing visual. Enough to make you want to drink TOP!

And we can list many other visuals which are all as hard-hit on the various TOP pages on social networks: Top in evening costumes or even Top Cola -Tomatoes which, at a time when tomato crates were cheaper and were creating a buzz on the web, seemed most opportune.

With ingenuity, originality and intelligence in the opportunity, Bimstr Agency has revitalized the communication of the TOP brand. We only give our hands!


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