Samy Diko: "I haven't spoken to Petit Pays for 20 years"!

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The relations between Samy Diko and his former mentor Petit Pays do not seem to be in good shape. Singer Samy Diko spoke during an interview on the Cameroon Feeling program, on CRTV.

The rag has been burning for several years between the artist Petit Pays and her “child” Samy Diko. During an interview on the national channel, the former resident of the Academy Without Visas returned to his appalling relationship with "The Turbo of Africa".

« I have no contact with Petit Pays. And it's been almost 20 years. So I can't visit a person that I haven't seen in all this time. There was a time when we were close, about 11 months. After that time I left and until today we never saw each other again », Clarified the singer in the program Cameroon Feeling, on the CRTV.

Samy Diko also explained that he had decided to move away from Rabba Rabbi. He seems to have held a grudge against his former mentor: "When we have lived things as difficult as I lived with this elder, it is not worth it. That's why I don't think of meeting anyone. I do not try to know the life of the other, I live my life. And my career is great like that He concluded.

The conflict between the two artist-musicians goes back several years. They accuse each other. In January 2014, in an interview with, “Effata” explained what happened with Samy Diko.

« Samy Diko as well as the young people I supervised were destitute children, with no sure future. I took them under my wing, I gave them a place to sleep, I fed them. I took them to the hospital when they were sick. In short, I was more than a father to these children. So when some who think they have succeeded and have arrived get up today to spit in the soup that fed them, I will tell you how can we make peace with them? I therefore consider that I have done my Christian duty when it was necessary. He said.



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