Luc Perry Wandji green with anger following "tribalist" remarks by the very first Lions captain Emmanuel Mve Elemva

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The CRTV journalist considered the declaration of Emmanuel Mve Elemva to be intolerable about the Bamileke's control over Cameroonian football.

Luc Perry Wandji, Emmanuel Mve (c) All rights reserved

The very first footballer to wear the armband of the Cameroon national team made remarks that struck Luc Perry Wandji this morning on Amplitude FM.

“We cannot understand that only one region of this country wants to take control of Cameroonian football. The president of the Cameroonian football federation is from the West, the president of the footballers association is from the West, the president of the referees associations is from the West, the president of the coaches association is from West and today, it is clear that Mr. Happi who wants to become the president of the Cameroon football league, is from the West » did he declare.

"We will not accept it anymore"

The exit of the ex Indomitable Lion has made Luc Perry Wandji mad with anger. The latter displayed his dissatisfaction via a Facebook post on Tuesday, October 6, 2020. “I told you that we will not forever admit that the anti Bamileke tribalism is prospering, which touches unsuspected spheres of this country. Believe me, we won't accept it anymore ”.

"For those who continue to say that denouncing anti Bami tribalism comes from victimization, I offer you new evidence (allusion made to the statements of Mve, Editor's note)", the media man continues.

"By my voice, the circle of friends of Cameroon, and the national observatory for ethics in Cameroon condemn this unfortunate exit of an icon, yet venerated, of Cameroonian football", he concluded.

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