Cameroon-Enam Results: The 10 million Northerners Movement expresses its wrath to Minister Joseph Le

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The 11 Million Northerners Movement believes that the results of the latest Enam competition are marred by enormous discrimination.

The results of the last competition of the school which forms the cream of the administrative elite in Cameroon are not unanimous.

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The "10 million Northerners" movement has just expressed its dissatisfaction through a statement made public by its promoter, Guibai Gatama, the Publication Director (DP) of L'Œil du Sahel.


The “10 Million Northerners Movement” denounces the non-respect, once again, of the quotas of the northern regions in the 2020 ENAM competition The Minister of the Civil Service made public, on October 04, 2020, the results of a revolting violence against the regions of the Far North, the North and Adamaoua for entry into ENAM. Only 75 candidates from the three northern regions were admitted to these competitions out of the 417 new recruits; ie a rate of 17,9%, very far from the 30% of places allocated to this part of the country by the texts in force organizing the competitive entrance examinations to the civil service in Cameroon In details: - Administrative division. Cycle A. General administration section: 06 Northerners admitted out of 50. Social affairs administration section: 08 Northerners out of 35. Labor administration section: 02 Northerners out of 20. Cycle B. General administration section: 16 Northerners admitted out of 70. Labor administration section: 04 Northerners out of 30. In this division, 36 Northerners were admitted out of a total of 205, a percentage of 17,5%. - Judicial section. Administrative justice auditors: 02 Northerners were admitted out of 20. Auditors of account justice: 05 Northerners admitted on a list of 20. Judicial justice auditors: 05 Northerners admitted out of 35. Registrars, cycle A: 02 Northerners out of 10. Registrars, cycle B: 04 Northerners out of 30. In this section, 18 Northerners were declared admitted out of a total of 115, which represents a percentage of 15,6%. - Financial services. Cycle A. Tax Section: 03 Northerners admitted out of 15. Price, Weight and Measures Section: 05 Northerners out of 20. Stock accounting section: 04 Northerners admitted out of 17. Cycle B. Tax Section: 04 Northerners admitted out of 20. Accounting section: 05 Northerners admitted out of 25. In this section, 21 Northerners were admitted out of a total of 97, representing a rate of 21,6%. These results, far below the quotas set by the regulations in force (30%), confirm the long-standing trend towards the quasi-systematic marginalization of the Far North in the Cameroonian public administration. The “10 Million Northerners Movement” therefore invites the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform, Mr. Joseph Le, to correct these serious violations of the regulations in force. The “10 Million Northerners Movement” calls on Mr. Joseph Le to work on transparency and fairness in the context of administrative competitions and to tell the Northerners if the quota rules are still in force or if they are only applicable according to the interests of each other. The “10 Million Northerners Movement” will fight with all its might, including in the judicial field, both to enforce the quota of 30% of places reserved for Northerners in competitive examinations and recruitments in the Public Service but also for a final clarification of public policy on recruitment into the public service.

Yaoundé October 06, 2020

For the Guibaï Gatama 10 million Northerners Movement ”

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