Tesla: an interesting discovery about the interior front camera

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It's no secret that automakers tend to build more options into the production of their vehicles and deactivate them as needed at the end of assembly. Tesla does the same, for later software activation.

Cars Tesla embed a number of sensors, various and varied, for an ever more advanced driving experience. Many of them are dedicated to autonomous driving, others are more interested in the driver and his passengers. Thus, we find in the cars of the mark an interior front camera which, for the moment, is useless. Elon Musk had stated that she could serve for the future service of robot-Taxi. Here is what we discover today another possibility.

Tesla's interior camera could be used to monitor driver

An aspiring detective today suggested that this camera could keep an eye on the driver of the vehicle. It was @greentheonly, a specialist in this kind of source code diving, who discovered what this inward-pointing Tesla camera actually “looks” at. It would seem that the goal is to detect signs of distraction, such as using the smartphone or looking away from the road.

It also appears that the camera is able to perform special checks on the wearing of sunglasses. It's hard to know exactly what the terms “blinded” or “dark” could refer to. These could be times when light conditions are preventing the camera from detecting anything.

to detect possible loss of attention

It is also, for the moment, impossible to know if Tesla will use this camera in this way. It was only activated last June and only as part of a voluntary program that takes pre-crash photos and videos to help improve the car's safety features. Tesla is currently checking driver attention during Autopilot mode by monitoring pressure on the steering wheel.

It would therefore not be surprising for Tesla to announce that it wants to follow the driver's attention more precisely. GM's Super Cruise already uses a camera system to make sure the driver stays focused without having to keep their hands on the wheel. The Ford Mustang Mach-E will do the same. If Tesla were to add this feature, it would bring the automaker up to speed with the competition and provide true hands-free driving, in situations where it is possible and safe, of course.

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