"The Cameroon Bar is not a political party"

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Passed away on Sunday October 4, 2020, the president of the Order of Cameroon Me Tchakounté Patie calls for good memories.

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« The Cameroon Bar is not a political party ". This sentence of the now former president of Cameroon will remain engraved in the memory of his colleagues.

Indeed, it was recorded in a press release dated October 18, 2019 made public by Me Charles Tchakounté Patie itself.

It was then on the occasion of the publication on the web, of the twenty lawyers " likely at home of Maurice Kamto, president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc).

A fact that the man of Law firmly condemned in the said press release that Lebledparle.com offers you to browse again.

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Recall that Me Charles Tchakounté Patie is from the department of Nde in the western region. He died in France following illness after having benefited from a medical evacuation on Thursday 1er last october.

The disappearance of this emblematic figure of the legal profession in Cameroon does not make his colleagues less distressed: "It's a huge loss for the lawyer and for Cameroon", said Me Christian Daniel Bissou, President of the Human Rights and Freedoms Commission at the bar.

For now, the interim will be provided by Me Claire Atangana Bikouna, the dean of the council of the Cameroon Bar Association while awaiting the election of the replacement of the one who hangs up her black dress is going to be 57 years old.

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