Minecraft is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 13

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Minecraft Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Yesterday was a long-awaited day for Super Smash Bros. players. We knew that new characters were going to be announced in Super Smash Bros. But we didn't know which ones. Answer: Minecraft.

There is no longer to wait before you can play with the characters of Minecraft in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Indeed, Microsoft, Mojang and Nintendo just recently confirmed that Steve and Alexa will be available in SSBU starting October 13th as part of the Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol. 2.

Minecraft is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

And as is often the case, this new universe character addition will be accompanied by a Minecraft-themed arena as well as seven new music. And the “block” side of the universe will also be transcribed in the playability of the characters. You can wave your ax for simple attacks, of course, but you can also “mine” levels to create blocks (defensive elements) and craft items - there is even a crafting table on the level -. For both characters, the Final Smash is a “House of Boom” that throws enemies into a pile of explosive Creepers.

With Steve and Alex, a new arena and seven new music

To get the Fighters Pass Vol. 2, you have to pay € 29,99. This one will unlock other characters including Min Min de Arms. If you are only interested in Minecraft, know that you can buy the dedicated fighter set for € 5,99 to have access to Steve and Alex.

This announcement was made more or less at the same time as the virtual Minecraft Live event which saw several announcements for the Minecraft games themselves. Among the most important announcements, we will mention in particular the arrival next November of the cross-platform for Minecraft Dungeons for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Howling Peaks add-on, meanwhile, will arrive in December. Microsoft and Mojang have every intention of making their Minecraft game last, and this goes through various experiences in other games.

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