Turn off blurry background on Windows 10 login screen May 2019 - Tips

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After the update W10 version 1903 (Windows 10 May 2019) the login screen appears blurry.

It is not possible to disable this feature from the section Settings → Personalization.

Solution 1 with Disable_acrylic_blur_effect_on_Sign-in_sceen_background file

Using a ready-made REG file:

Download / Save this file Disable_acrylic_blur_effect_on_Sign-in_sceen_background.reg

Double click on the file and authorize its execution

To blur the screen:


Double-click on the file and allow it to run

Note as a black screen 2 seconds before seeing the desktop, this has no consequence.

Solution 2 Change a registry key

Disable blurry background using registry keys

Touch Windows + R

Tape → regedit

Go to this registry key:


Right click in the right pane, create a new DWORD file (32 bits)

info: If Windows is in 64 bits create DWORD file (32 bits)

Name it → DisableAcrylicBackgroundOnLogon

In front of Value data:

To put 1 (in Hexadecimal).

Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Solution 3 With the Group Policy Editor

Using Group Policy (with Windows 10 Pro).

Touch Windows + R then type → gpedit.msc

In the Group Policy Editor, go to:

Computer Configuration Administrative Templates System Login.

Double click to open Show background settings for login.

The default is No configured.

To deactivate, select disabled

Click on OK and check the login screen.

If that doesn't work, restart your computer or check the next time you restart your computer.

Group Policy (gpedit) to install on Windows 10 family here


To see different images when starting the PC make sure that Windows in the spotlight is selected.

Settings → Personalization → Lock screen

Select Background → Windows Featured

Then search (racket-shaped icon) in the taskbar and type → spotbright

1- Search images

2-Download images

Repeat the image search operation.

hopefully a fix in a future cumulative update.

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