xnxx: Here are 3 tips for daring to tell your partner that you want to get out of the sexual routine

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xnxx: Here are 3 tips for daring to tell your partner that you want to get out of the sexual routine

While a sex routine can be good, sometimes it's normal to want to spice it up. Here are 3 tips for daring to tell your partner that you want to think outside the box!

No matter how passionate your sex life is, if you've been in a relationship for a while or if you've had a privileged partner for some time, you end up getting into a certain routine. And be careful, there is no question of criticizing! Because sex is also very good when you know where to go. But sometimes you want to add spice to it all. However, it is not easy to bring up these kinds of subjects with his / her partner. First, because you don't want him / her to think you're not satisfied, then because choosing your words is a real challenge. While we offered you to test 4 naughty games to spice up the duvet, here are 3 tips to dare to talk to your other half.

Choose the right moment

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The first thing to do is to choose your moment before approaching this question. Suffice to say that it is better to avoid the subject when you are having sex. Because, in fact, it is an intimate moment during which one necessarily feels more vulnerable. Your partner could therefore take it badly. Instead, choose a time when you are both relaxed and where you feel a real bond between you so that the conversation is positive. Above all, don't be critical or focus on what's missing in your sex life. Focus on yourself rather than on what it can bring you and the desire you may feel for your other half. Thus, it will make your proposal much more exciting!

Make the atmosphere romantic

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As said above, the timing is very important. So why not create a romantic atmosphere to have this discussion? For example, you can run a bath and take advantage of this moment of relaxation to broach this subject. The goal being that the tone of the conversation is light and sexy. Just because you've been together for a long time doesn't mean you can't flirt anymore. The bottom line is that no one feels pressured to do anything.

Anticipate your partner's reaction

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Now that you have dared to say what you want, prepare for the reaction of your partner. Because if he / she can be really excited by your ideas, he / she can also ask questions and wonder why you absolutely want to try new things. This discussion may be totally unexpected for him / her. So be sensitive to his point of view and don't hesitate to give him time to think. Finally, if their answer is no, respect their decision and do not despair. Over time, your partner may want to try new things himself, but only when he / she is ready. In the meantime, find out what your erotic dreams really mean.

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