xnxx: 15 messages to send after a rake to keep face

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xnxx: 15 messages to send after a rake to keep face

It is never easy to admit to someone that you want to go further, especially when it is ultimately not mutual. Here are 15 messages to send to keep face!

We all know it is never easy to confess your feelings to someone. It must be said that the prospect of being rejected is far from pleasant and even more if the person in question is a friend and we do not want to ruin the friendship that binds us to him / her. However, the heart has its reasons that reason ignores and sometimes, it is extremely complicated to keep what you feel to yourself and we prefer to try so as not to live with regrets even if that means that we will. to be friendzoner. In the same way, we can have had a date and have loved it and then have taken a stop sign because the person in front of us did not experience the date the same way. And if it's out of the question to put pressure on yourself with texts, when the answer is no, it is better to have a few messages on hand to bounce back without losing face!

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  • " No problem. Thank you for telling me "
  • “I understand, thank you for being honest with me. Good luck to you ! "
  • “It was very cool and I'm sad things didn't work out. But that's life and I fully understand. "
  • "Oh heck, what the hell am I going to do with the engagement ring?" Lol No seriously, I appreciate that you were honest with me! "
  • “Hey, thanks for being honest with me. It is much classier than to disappear. I wish you good luck for the future. "
  • "No problem, let's stay friends then! "
  • There is no problem. I completely understand. It was still nice to have got to know you! "
  • "No problem, looking forward to seeing you again"
  • " No problem ! Sorry if that was embarrassing, are we still friends? "
  • "I suspect this post must have been difficult to write so while it's not the answer I wish I had, I want you to know that I appreciate your honesty." "
  • "I'm not going to lie to you, I'm disappointed but I understand. We remain friends ? "
  • "It's a new phone, who is it?" No just kidding ! Thanks for telling me the truth. "
  • "I think you misspelled the sentence: 'you are my soul mate' lol Just kidding, I totally understand. "
  • They say honesty is the best answer and I expected no less from someone like you. "
  • Don't answer, you are too busy turning the page rather than hurting yourself to answer someone who doesn't feel the same way about you.

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