xnxx: She files for divorce because her husband's penis "is too big"

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xnxx: She files for divorce because her husband's penis "is too big"

Long considered more or less taboo, divorce is now somewhat standardized. Admittedly, parting with your partner has become commonplace. However, it sometimes happens that certain causes of divorce surprise more than one… It is in Nigeria that a woman files for divorce only a few days after her marriage. The reason ? The penis of her beloved is too big.

If one of the couple is unhappy in bed, it's fair to think that the relationship won't last long. A man will learn this lesson at his expense but we can not really say that he did not try: his wife is asking for a divorce and it is the Dailymail who explains the reason for this somewhat unusual divorce request. .

She divorces because her husband's penis is too big

According to santeplusmag, it is in Nigeria that Aisha Dannupawa unites with Ali Maizanari. The latter is a mother of 3 children and is not in her first marriage. However, after only a week of their union, the Nigerian woman cannot take it any longer, she asks for a divorce. Did her husband beat, lie or cheat on her? It is in front of the court that the mother reveals the real reason: the penis of her husband is much too big. She details : "When he came, we made love for the first time and it was a nightmare instead of a pleasant experience".

They make love twice before she decides to divorce

After a first attempt that Aisha would surely qualify as catastrophic, she does not know where to turn. Her mother then advised her to endure the pain and allegedly even offered her pills allowing her to relax. The Nigerian then takes her courage in both hands and returns to her husband for a second attempt. Despite the pills, Aisha does not fare better and stops the antics. This time, she is decided, this relationship is not possible.

He asks to recover his dowry

Nigerien tradition requires the husband to pay a dowry to the bride. Ali was no exception to this rule. So faced with the accusations of his wife in court, he does not deny the latter's statements. He was also quite understanding in not refusing his wife's request for divorce, on the sole condition that he recovers the dowry he paid and that his legal expenses be reimbursed. To this day, we do not know the pronounced verdict or the size of Ali Maizanari's sexual organ.

Penis size and female pleasure
If we asked women, the less experienced among them will tell you that female pleasure is proportional to the size of the penis. Understand that the larger the latter, the more intense the female orgasm. However, the opinion of specialists is not so clear cut. The truth is, penises that are too large tend to hurt a woman during sex.

A woman whose husband or partner has too large a penis can experience it as a real discomfort. When it comes to female pleasure, it is important to understand a fundamental notion: erogenous zones are not found ''very far'' and do not really require a large penis size. Indeed we can note the clitoris which is located at the entrance of the vagina, but also the G point which is located at only 4 centimeters. Men can therefore be reassured: small penises can give women even more pleasure.

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