Prostitute shows up for worship and makes shocking revelation about pastor

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Prostitute shows up for worship and makes shocking revelation about pastor

Decidedly 2020 has not yet finished surprising us. The most improbable situations of each other only make this year very stormy. Indeed, an unusual fact in connection with a prostitute and a pastor caused an uproar in the city of Mombassa in Kenya.

While a cult was taking place in a quiet place in a very famous church in the said town, a prostitute broke in and exposed her relationship with the pastor. Witnesses said worship was going on normally until the arrival of an extravagantly dressed woman at the main entrance to the church. Without recognizing her from afar, the pastor ordered the security guards to let her in.

Inspired in his role as pastor, he believed he was dealing with a lost soul whom he could help. Ah Pastor John Nakuzo never imagined what was going to happen that day in his church. Indeed, he never knew he was making a big mistake that was going to screw him up all his life, a shame on his face.

Back to our sex worker. As soon as she walked through the front door of the church, she captured all the attention and began to make awkward revelations. As she spoke, the audience was overwhelmed. The pastor for his part would have preferred it to have been a bad dream, but it was all real.

“Yes your pastor, he owes me money. The last time he came to see me he didn't pay, and it's been several times now. Today if I don't have my money, I won't move ”, revealed the prostitute.

It didn't take long for the congregation to realize that their dear pastor was in a relationship with a prostitute. After this big revelation, the pastor was beaten up and kicked out of the church by his own followers.

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