Grand P reveals his age on the set of 3

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Grand P reveals his age on the set of 3

Grand P, the Guinean star, suffers from a rare disease called progeria. It causes baldness, accelerated aging and limits the size of the patient to 1 meter 10 at most, as well as his weight to 25 kilos.

Many of us wonder how old is the artist Granp P. His manager declared this afternoon on the set of the 3 that the darling of Eudoxie Yao is 30 years old, and that it is a age that he wrote down like that on his administrative papers, without being sure. Apparently Grand P would be born "towards"… But for his manager who saw him grow up, he is surely in the 30-year-old fringe.

On the set, Grand P told an anecdote, saying that his love for music began with his fanaticism for singer Karfala Kanté who did him the honor of giving him the microphone one day in 1997, for a benefit. With this anecdote, the columnists of the 3 have ventured to say that their guest must be a little over 30 years old ...

In addition, the manager of Grand P gave a testimony about DJ Arafat: "From Guinea we heard about him as someone arrogant, sufficient," he told us. However, it is not the case. When we met him in Abidjan, they received us at his home, Grand P and I, and we ate at his place. He's such a simple person! Regarding the photo where he put Grand P on his feet, it was not intentional. We were in a place where there was no place to sit so he put Big P on his knee and people went with their interpretations, with polemics like Arafat is disrespectful. It was really off topic. Arafat is quite a humble person, and Grand P who likes him very much enjoyed meeting him. "

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