She kills and prepares her two children in the North

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Aged 25, the suspect faces according to the Cameroonian Penal Code, between 5 and 10 years in prison for having horribly taken the life of her offspring.

The alleged murderer arrested (c) Rights reserved

It is an incredible but true story that takes place in the locality of Badjengo, located in the district of Pitoa, northern region on September 14, 2020.

A woman in her twenties kills her two daughters aged 2 and 6 months respectively and cook them like game.

According to the testimonies of the alleged murderer's co-wife, “ The day before yesterday (September 14, 2020, Editor's note) we were to fields. We got home around 17 p.m. After performing the prayer, I noticed the children were missing and asked him where they were. She didn't want to answer. I went to check in his room and couldn't find anyone. I insisted again, she replied that they are in the room and she didn't say anything until she went back to the room. And since it was dark, I called my husband and explained the situation to him. When our husband returned, they went together to look but still nothing. The next morning we continued with the research but still nothing. It was while searching in his room that we found the pot, the children were in it ”, she related.

While waiting to see clearly on the motivations of this despicable act, the defendant ponders her fate in the hands of the security forces who have opened an investigation.

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