Here are the foods to eat after a workout

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Here are the foods to eat after a workout

Here are the foods to eat after a workout.

Ahhh sport! It's hard to get started but once it's done, what are we proud of? However, many of us skip the “recovery” phase, even though it is a crucial step! While sleeping is very important to recharge the batteries, diet also plays a role in the recovery process. It's simple, by favoring certain foods after your workouts, you will see that you can avoid fatigue and muscle stiffness. Do you care to know which ones? Well we give you an appointment just below to discover them.

Starchy foods

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After your workout, we advise you to eat starchy foods (rice, pasta, semolina, bread ...) because they will allow you to fill up with energy. You have spent your energy during your sport so you have to refuel to be in shape.

Fresh vegetables


Fresh vegetables play a very important role in the recovery phase after your sport because they are rich in water and minerals, so you will rehydrate your body thanks to them. But they're also packed with antioxidants and carbohydrates, which will help your muscles recover.


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In addition to being good for the memory, fish is made up of amino acids which participate in the renewal of muscle fibers. This is also the case with eggs, which are just as rich in animal protein as fish. On the other hand, fatty meats should be avoided after a workout because they contain saturated fatty acids which are not very good for health.

Dairy or fruit


For dessert, we advise you to choose either: for a dairy that will replenish your calcium stock or for a fruit, which is as rich as vegetables in water and minerals.

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