Good news Gohou Michel receives a great international distinction

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Good news Gohou Michel receives a great international distinction

Good news has just fallen for Gohou Michel fans. The famous Ivorian humorist receives a new distinction of international scope which already elevates him to the title of best African humorist.

Michel Gohou is today essential in the world of humor in Côte d'Ivoire and Africa. This one, whose beginnings were difficult, has benefited for a very long time from the repercussions of his determination and his courage.

Due to an illness that distorted his physique, he was often the subject of taunts from those close to him. Due to lack of funds, he stopped studying at primary school and enrolled in a theatrical group in Gagnoa.

In 1993, he met producer Daniel Cuxac and joined the troupe of "Guignols d'Abidjan " From then on, his talent, hitherto unknown to the public, will explode into the open. And since then, Michel Gohou's life has changed.

“Before, when I passed in the street, people said: come, come and see this, As if I were an object. And they didn't care about my looks. I really suffered from it. But today, it's not the same reaction… I didn't go to school, but I compete with intellectuals. If I manage to express myself, it is thanks to the theater.

I have met men who know the value of life. If I am here today, it is thanks to these people ”, said the actor of the series "My big family", who celebrated his 30 year career in May 2019. A new distinction is therefore added to his list of achievements which already weighed as well.

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