finally the date of the marriage of the artist Grand P with Eudoxie Yao is known

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finally the date of the marriage of the artist Grand P with Eudoxie Yao is known

The controversial couple of the Guinean artist Grand P and the Ivorian influencer Eudoxie Yao still continues to talk the web. As promised, the date of their wedding has just been announced.

We still remember that the go with provocative curves got engaged to the artist last August during his stay in Abidjan. Since the day of their engagement, Grand P and Eudoxie have promised to unite officially in the bonds of marriage in the coming days.

Eudoxie Yao, the Ivorian star who attracts so many celebrities, whether in Africa or in Europe, will she marry this piece of a man of barely 1 meter? This is the question asked by Internet users

Indeed, tired by the various comments and the vilification towards them, the African Kim Kardashian reacted once again on her Facebook page:

“Let me marry Grand P.
It's my body, I give to whoever I want ”, she posted.
Invited on the site, the general manager, interpreter and friend of Moussa Sandiana alias Grand P finally announced the date of the civil marriage of the couple which is making the buzz at the moment on social networks.

General manager Alpha made it clear that the civil wedding of Go Bobaraba and the Guinean artist Grand P will take place in 2021, precisely in the month of January. Also according to the henchman of Grand P, the dowry of Eudoxie Yao will indeed be celebrated before the end of the year 2020 in Abidjan.

For those who still think this is a buzz, we are waiting to see if the wedding will take place or not. But it should be remembered that many fans are already promising donations to the couple, including a user who recently sent 10 million to support the couple.

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