Music: David Walters, His album "Soleil Kréyol", has just been remixed with afro sauce

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Born in Paris, settled in Marseille, the cheeky musician is also a long-term traveler eager for crossbreeding. His album “Soleil Kréyol”, released at the beginning of the year, has just been remixed with afro sauce.

“I swear I'm telling the truth! »Asserts David Walters, not far from the burst of laughter. This is perhaps the third story bordering on the unlikely that the quadra tells. Before, there was his foray into a district of Medellín, the nerve center of drug trafficking, to meet Colombian percussionists, then his friendship with César López, inventor of theescopetarra, a guitar built from a Kalashnikov ...

To tell the truth, we would gladly listen to the Creole griot (born to a Martinican mother and a father from the English-speaking island of Saint-Kitts-and-Nevis) tell us anything so enthusiastic he is. But when he approaches his first contact with Africa, his voice takes on a particular, more serious color to evoke the “initiatory journey” which changed him into an artist.

A journey without which he would certainly never have released three solo albums, the last of which, called Sun Kréyol, released by Heavenly Sweetness earlier this year, was acclaimed by the public and the press.

Continent call

David is in his twenties when the continent calls him. Installed in Bordeaux, he then worked as a musical producer and had just finished a model for a Togolese group. “One of the musicians wanted to thank me, and he knew that I had wanted for a long time to go in search of my African origins, to understand the fracture, the massive deportation of humans to the Caribbean… He called his father, in front of me, and him said: “You must receive him in Lomé as if it was me coming home.” As simple as that.


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