Gambela Market and upcycling engage in wax recycling

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Very popular, the production of wax is considered harmful to the environment. Some players like the Parisian brand Gambela Market are therefore turning to upcycling, or the art of recovering scraps to create original clothes.

The success of wax is no longer to be proven in the clothing sector. Yet, in this time of ecological emergency, many fabrics are printed in China using less durable techniques than the original Dutch fabric. And travel thousands of kilometers to reach Château Rouge, an emblematic district for the sale of Afro fabrics in Paris. Carbon footprint level, we'll come back.

The wax used to ensure the correct impression of the colored patterns is quite harmful to the environment, since it ends up flowing into the water. The same goes for dyes, which since the industrialization of the technique, are mainly composed of chemical dyes.


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