Accused of plagiarism with his latest concept “the confessional”, here are Yvidero's answers… and that of his manager. -

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A confessional, poignant testimonies as moving as each other, a new concept proposed by the Ivorian Cape Verdean actress Yvidero under the dome of Waraba group, a structure managed by Benoît Koffi, principal manager of the artist.

Yet, upon the release of the first issue a few hours ago, the biggest accusations have emerged about the concept.

This would have been modeled according to many comments on Story of my life, a TV show signed César Kouamé and which highlights social facts told by witnesses whose identity is masked.

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Better, the designers of Story of my life would have requested the influencer so that their content is relayed and incorporated into the activities of Waraba group (a request apparently remained invalid).

The border between truth, coincidence and real plagiarism remains rather thin, especially since the parties involved (Yvidero and Waraba Group) had not yet granted a right of reply.

Yvidero decided on Friday, August 28, 2020, to respond to the allegations, in his own way:

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“I don't speak, I no longer justify myself. Whoever wants to say what he wants, I accept. The finality, let's work, earn the money, take care of our children and our families. ".

As for Mr. Benoît Koffi, by a press release, he denied the said accusations, reserving the right to lodge a complaint against "the agitators" in the name of the incriminated structure.

Here is the full press release below.

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