3 super effective tips to fight stretch marks

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3 super effective tips to fight stretch marks

We have listed three super effective tips to fight against stretch marks! Meet just below.

Recently, we suggested that you discover our natural tips to fight against mosquitoes and we are back today with new tips. You are necessarily aware of the trend of recent years and body positivism and self-acceptance. At trendy we fully support this cause and we are delighted to see things evolve! However, we are not going to hide it, we have all our little complexes ... In particular stretch marks, which nevertheless affect many of us! We therefore invite you to discover our tips for treating them, taking care of your skin but above all we want to tell you that it is important to accept and love each other.

The lawyer

Yes, avocado is often a very good friend to our skin! To use it against stretch marks, simply puree it, as you would to make a guacamole, add a tablespoon of lemon and a tablespoon of honey then mix until you get a smooth paste. Then, you just have to massage your stretch marks with for about 5min, then leave for 15min. Repeat this small massage 2 to 3 times a week for more efficiency.


The potato is also known for its properties which promote the restoration and stimulation of skin cells. It is particularly effective in combating stretch marks! To do this, you must extract its juice using a centrifuge or an extractor then apply it on the streaks, let dry naturally and rinse with water.. If you want to get results quickly, you can repeat this operation every day!

Almond and coconut oil

If there are two oils that you absolutely must have at home as much for your hair as for your skin, it is almond and coconut oil! Vegetable oils are known for their moisturizing and healing properties and this is exactly what you need to fight against stretch marks. In a container, mix equal parts of almond and coconut oil and massage yourself with it, in a circular manner for 15min. You can do this every night after taking your shower to keep your skin hydrated.

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