XNXX: Woman reveals her dog was her best friend because he used to make her orgasm.

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A woman told us that her dog was her best friend because her dog used to make her orgasm. The woman said this while mourning the loss of her pet saying she will never have a companion like her dog

The woman told us that she adopted the animal 7 months ago and since then they have been like lovers. She said the boyfriend she was dating had left her because of the care she was giving her dog.

According to her, a dog is all a woman needs in her bedroom and nothing else. She says men complain too much and don't always do what women like at first but with her dog that's until she gets tired.

The woman says she was in tears because the love of her life (who is her dog) was killed by an automobile when she took it out for a walk. She claims to sue the driver for the murder of the love of her life and that she never thinks she is happy again afterwards

“My dog ​​can make me have several orgasms like three or even 0 times a day. I've been dating men for over 4 years now and none of them have been able to measure. My last guy couldn't even last 10 minutes on what i love in bed

I don't need a man in my life. God willing, he will give me another companion like milou with whom I can spend other wonderful moments with. I don't want to be controlled by a man and suffer all the consequences of pregnancy, I love my life Maybe in the future I will change… .. she said

Commentary from 24 days.com It's strange the kind of affection some people have on animals. Some spend millions on animal feed while thousands of people starve to sleep on the streets.

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