Emmanuel Macron in danger

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Emmanuel Macron in danger

In 2022, Emmanuel Macron does not want to let go of his place as president so easily. With an eventful five-year term by yellow vests, the coronavirus and recent events, Emmanuel Macron is still staying the course.

Faced with a possible presidential candidacy of 2022 on the part of the President of the Republic, his entourage is increasingly worried.

Emmanuel Macron: a possible candidacy in 2022?

With all these events, we cannot say that Emmanuel Macron wishes to give way to anyone. The latter has also reshuffled the government for the last two years of his five-year term. And during his seizure of power as head of state, Emmanuel Macron has experienced ups and downs.

Between the yellow vests and the coronavirus, the President of the Republic tried to manage the various crises as well as possible, but did not always succeed in calming the crowds. Faced with his possible candidacy in 2022, the entourage of Emmanuel Macron is worried ... Especially if Anne Hidalgo decides to run as well ...

Anne Hidalgo: a feared and formidable opponent?

With her two elections for mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo is a strong political figure. She who besides defeated Rachida Dati, the gunfire aunt of politics. "Macron's entourage is watching Hidalgo, that's for sure," explains a majority deputy to Le Parisien. "She is a solid politician, who won two elections in Paris, who knows the campaigns, the media…".

Several deputies and parliamentarians agree on the same point: not to underestimate Anne Hidalgo. And even if the current Mayor of Paris indicated on July 23 that he did not want to stand for the presidential elections of 2022, the members of La République En Marche remain suspicious of Anne Hidalgo.

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