XNXX: Why do we want sex and have sex all the time during the summer?

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Have you noticed that your libido is much higher in the summer? It's normal and we'll explain why.

According to a survey by YouGov France, 53% of French people say they want to have sex more in summer. And several studies show that people who live in hot, sunny places have more sex. But how do you get spanked (without bad puns)? There are actually several reasons for an increase in libido when temperatures rise. And the sun has something to do with it. Indeed, sunlight has been shown to be associated with an increase in serotonin, a key neurotransmitter in the ability to experience pleasure. It thus stimulates mood and energy.

Vitamin D provided by the sun also plays an important role in this increase in libido. The more vitamin D levels increase in the body, the less tired you are, the less your headache, the better you sleep. And as these health issues improve, so do mood and self-confidence, which helps increase feelings of arousal in the process. This is for the scientific explanation. But there are also several other factors to take into account. If in the summer, the desire for sex increases, it is also because we are surrounded by things that stimulate our appetite. With the rise in temperatures, men and women undress, showing their arms, their legs and, on the beach, their bellies, their buttocks and their torsos.

Men and women get naked and it stimulates our hormones

The bodies are more exposed and this has something to stimulate our hormones, boost our excitement. Not to mention that tanning has positive effects on our receptors. And if we add to that that the summer, we are more relaxed than the rest of the year, that helps. In summer, we work less intensely, we take vacations, we have more fun with lazy afternoons at the beach or in the countryside, barbecues with friends, cocktails on the terrace. We have more time and we have a lot more freedom, so that we stress less and we are therefore much more open on the sexual level. All these factors make us want to indulge much more regularly in the pleasures of the flesh and to try more naughty games with his or her partners.

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