xnxx: Here are 10 things women do in bed that men don't like

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xnxx: Here are 10 things women do in bed that men don't like

They'll probably never tell us, but men don't necessarily like all our quirks in bed ...

1. When we scream really too loudly

Showing pleasure, yes. Our man can only be flattered to know that we climb the curtains thanks to him. Howling like an animal being slaughtered… uh, blah. Neighbors don't necessarily need to know that we're doing somersaults. All the more so, as our man will forcefully wonder if we are not simulating ...

2. When we absolutely want to discuss after love

Or kissing, remaking the world… in short. After the act, our man rather wants to turn his back on us and doze off. We must not take it badly, it has nothing to do with us. It's physiological… he wants to sleep!

3. When we stage too much

Too much makeup, too many heels, too much lingerie, too much background music, candles, accessories ... too much too much. Our man wants to make love not to go see an erotic film from the 80s. And above all, he wants to leave a little room for the unexpected ...

4. When we are still

Make love with a breadboard? This is not really what our man likes. Even if he doesn't want to embark on an elaborate choreography, he would still like us to participate. The missionary position is great… but not every time.

5. When we play condescension in case

of breakdown "Don't worry. It can happen to anyone. »Phrase to be avoided urgently. In this kind of situation, our man does not care that it happens to others. Because there, now, it is to him that it happens! And that doesn't make him happy at all! Better to take a break from the frolics, without making too many comments, and resume a little later.

6. When we interrupt the act in the middle

Want to pee? To turn off the light? Need a makeup fitting? The phone is ringing ? Our man is not a fan of the little break during the act. It's not his thing at all. And somewhere he is not wrong. For a successful part of the legs in the air, it is better to forget everything else and stay in the bubble ...

7. When you're too domineering

Unless domination is his thing (and in this case, we know about it), our man doesn't want to be stolen from him at all. To be active and to take initiatives, yes. To be virile… well no.

8. When we ask him, during the act: "What if we had a child?" "

Our man wished he could think about it a bit before physically conceiving a child. Just to be sure, what. It would have put a little less pressure on him. Because having to make up your mind in a few seconds is not really easy… eh?

9. When we turn off the light

Of course that light off, our man will not see our emerging saddlebags, our badly shaved legs and our Bridget Jones panties. But neither will he see our magnificent breasts, our dream hair ... as well as his body intertwined with ours. And that he loves. So why deprive him of this show?

10. When we talk about something else

No. It's not a good idea to ask him if he's thought of setting the alarm clock for tomorrow when he's on the verge of orgasm. Just like telling him: "Come on, your mother called" as he lovingly caresses our breasts. It's a bit irrelevant. When our man makes love, he thinks… of making love.

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