A'Salfo makes a big revelation that he bitterly regrets

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A'Salfo makes a big revelation that he bitterly regrets

During an interview on Life TV, vocal lead of the group Zouglou Magic System, A'Salfo made a great revelation. The Ivorian singer who imposed himself on all tables, revealed his biggest regret.

Indeed, the famous Ivorian singer A'Salfo has a heavy secret that he has been dragging around for years which he made the case during an exclusive interview. Received on the set of Ivorian television Life TV, the vocal lead of the famous zouglou group Magic System unveiled what bothers his mind.

Asalfo has revealed that he bitterly regrets having even recently violated a rule of the Ivorian authorities for the fight against the coronavirus.

As Afrikmag.com explains, At the time, it was indeed established by the government that any traveler coming through Abidjan airport had to submit to a public rule: stay in confinement in a building designed for the purpose of to take exams and be sure that you are not carrying the virus.

Salif Traoré or A'Salfo whose family returned from Europe in the midst of the covid-19 crisis would have refused that it undergo the same treatment as the "public". to believe his explanations, the singer who relied more on his paternal instinct than on anything else had preferred to lead them to the family home rather than subject them to confinement to the INJS.

According to his words, the Ivorian singer bitterly regrets this gesture which was disapproved by many Ivorians.

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