Microsoft is ending Cortana on Android and iOS

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Microsoft Cortana

Like many tech giants, Microsoft wanted to have its own digital voice assistant. Cortana, however, has not been as successful as the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri ...

The giants of the tech many today have wanted their own digital voice assistant. Microsoft also wanted his own and a few years ago launched his Cortana. Unfortunately, unlike Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, Cortana is not never succeeded to become so popular, despite the fact that it was integrated into Windows and available on platforms like iOS or Android.

Microsoft to kill Cortana apps on iOS and Android

It is for this reason that today, it is not really surprising to learn that the Redmond firm announces that the Cortana applications will disappear on iOS and Android. According to the official Microsoft statement, “as we move towards an assistant-powered experienceartificial intelligence in Microsoft 365, we need to adjust our priorities in innovation and development to give our customers help where they need it most. As a result, we will be making some changes to less used customer features. ”

The digital voice assistant will only exist in the 365 mobile applications

This doesn't mean Microsoft is definitely done with Cortana or even that this assistant is going to disappear altogether. Cortana will continue to exist on iOS and Android, but it will simply be integrated into Microsoft 365 applications. In other words, if you really need to use Cortana, you will have to go through these applications. Cortana's third-party skill support will be deprecated as of September 7, while the main app will cease to function in early 2021.

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