Johnny Hallyday heritage: finally an agreement between the beneficiaries!

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Johnny's legacy: David Hallyday fly one last time Laeticia


David Hallyday responds to Laeticia Hallyday, a few weeks after the announcement of an agreement with Laura Smet. He announces renouncing his inheritance, and wishes to correct one of his statements.

Almost a month after the end of the dispute for the legacy of Johnny Hallyday and the interview given by his widow to Paris Match, it's David Hallyday's turn to give his version of the facts. In Le Figaro this Friday July 31, his lawyer Pierre-Jean Douvier clarified certain points of the agreement reached between the elders of the singer and their mother-in-law.

The latter told Paris Match the July 16 to have " offered David the artist's rights from the album Blood for Blood and the title Cadillac ', but that's not entirely accurate according to Ilona's father and Emma Smet. If she did offer them to him, David Hallyday, who sold his shares to his sister in June, did not accept them. In the columns of Figaro, Pierre-Jean Douvier dotted the i's: “ David being already songwriter of this album and this title, he did not wish to receive the rights of performer. Editorial rights belong to Universal, which has not contacted it for such a donation. »

A financial deal, but no reconciliation

Laeticia Hallyday announced on July 3 that she and Laura had reached an agreement, after several years of legal battle. Glad the future mom has " grabbed outstretched hand", She hoped that the agreement" will soon extend to David Hallyday". Following the speeches of the mother of Jade and Joy, that Laura Smet did not appreciate, he splits his own announcement: he confirms renouncing the succession of Taulier, and does not intend to make peace with Laeticia Hallyday. source:

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