Master Gims, whose real name is Gandhi Djuna, reveals all about his eyes

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master Gims, real name Gandhi Djuna reveals everything about his eyes

Master Gims, whose real name is Gandhi Djuna, was born on May 6, 1986 in Kinshasa, Congo. His father Djuna Djanana is a singer in Papa Wemba's troupe and the little boy is rocked by music from his earliest childhood.

Arrived in France at the age of 2, Maître Gims grew up in Paris in the Arts-et-Métiers district then towards Poissonnière before arriving in the 50th arrondissement. Passionate about hip-hop, he listens to Nate Dogg, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, XNUMX Cent and Eminem.

Still in college, Maître Gims, member of the 3e Prototype collective, began rapping with the Sexion d'Assaut, a collective which then had about thirty members. Over the years, between freestyles and open stages, young artists sharpen their style. While writing his texts, Maître Gims began studying communication and graphic design. At the beginning, the members of Sexion d'Assaut released their first titles as independent before meeting Dawala, founder of the Wati B label in 1999, and who became their manager.

In 2005, Maître Gims and his associates of 3e Prototype released their first mixtape, " Middle earth ", of which the rapper draws the cover himself. It allows them to make themselves known in the rap world. In 2006, Maître Gims participated in the 12 Inch'All Star, a famous Parisian underground battle, where he made a remarkable performance. At the end of the year, the artist released his first solo maxi, “Those who sleep with their eyes open”.

In 2008 comes out "Le Renouveau", the first street album claimed by 3e Prototype, before "Les Chroniques du 75 Vol.1" the next year. Published for free on the Internet, the album is downloaded more than 30 times. Volume 000 was released in 2. With "Head crush", released in May 2009, 3e Prototype gives way to Sexion d'Assaut, which goes from a collective to a full-fledged group. Their first tour is already a great success.

La Sexion, from "School" to "L'Apogée"

It was in March 2010, with the album "The school vital points", that the Sexion d'Assaut became known to the general public. On this opus, Maître Gims is credited with author, composer and performer. Sold more than 19 copies in the first week of its release, the album, which became a diamond disc, includes many hits including "Sorry", "Cap inside out", "Waty By Night" or even "My sure guy".

The group then opens for the group NTM at the Parc des Princes, and performs again throughout France. With the album "The Apogee», Released in March 2012, the members of Sexion d'Assaut confirm their status as stars of French rap. Thanks to this opus, which sold over a million copies, the group won a diamond disc and filled the Zénith de France.

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