Google strengthens autofill security on Chrome for mobile

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Google a announced today a new autofill experience for Chrome on mobile that will use biometric authentication for credit card transactions, along with an updated built-in password manager that will make logging into a site a bit smoother simple.

Chrome already uses the W3C WebAuthn standard for biometric authentication on Windows and Mac. With this update, this feature is also coming to Android.

If you've ever purchased something through your Android phone's browser, you know Chrome always asks you to enter your credit card's CVC code to make sure it's you, even if the number is credit card is stored on your phone. . It was always a bit tricky, especially when your credit card wasn't near you.

Now you can use your phone's biometric authentication to purchase these new sneakers with just your fingerprint - no CVC required. You can also unsubscribe, as you do not have to subscribe to this new system.

As for the password manager, the update here is the new touch input feature that shows you your registered accounts for a given site through a standard Android dialog. It's something you're probably already used to from your computer password manager, but it's certainly a major new built-in convenience feature for Chrome - and more people are choosing to use word managers. password, the safer the web will be. This new feature will arrive in Chrome on Android in the next few weeks, but Google says “this is just the beginning”.

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