Easy Montana, the man considered to be DJ Arafat's double, makes a terrible revelation about Arafat

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Easy Montana, the man considered to be DJ Arafat's double, makes a terrible revelation about Arafat

Easy Montana, the man considered to be DJ Arafat's double because of his resemblance to the artist, has just made a breathtaking revelation a few days before the celebration of year 1 of Yorobo's death.

During Daïshi's lifetime, there were many fans who did everything to be like him by adopting his style of dress and behavior. However, there was one in particular who was downright his double. Its name is Easy Montana. The resemblance to the Yorobo is impressive.

This situation, far from pleasing him, did not please Easy Montana at all. He then tried to change his physique and his style to distinguish himself from the artist. But nothing helped.

"So much so that it annoyed me that I was always told that I am Arafat's double, I went into the gym to get in shape, I let my hair grow to make dreads and I did a piercing on my nose but that didn't change anything ”, he testified this Tuesday, July 28, 2020 during the Peopl'Emik show of La 3.

However, the most astonishing remains to come. Indeed, according to Easy Montana, the day of Arafat Dj's accidental death on August 12, he was in Ghana. He had planned to do a featuring with Commander Zabra upon his return. And as a sign of fate, on the day of the drama, in his dream he finds himself with Arafat DJ for a dance party.

“When I woke up, I went to relieve myself in the toilet. But when I returned to my hotel room, I felt a strong presence of the Daishi. I don't know if this has ever happened to you but I really felt his presence. I then said to myself, when I am in Abidjan we are really going to do this featuring.

And when I wake up I pick up my phone and see Arafat's status everywhere and read Arafat sorry don't do that to us. I did not believe. This is where I knew he really visited meHe said.

The revelation comes a few days before the commemoration of the first anniversary of the death of DJ Arafat and is already causing a lot of reactions on the web.

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