"Currently, only young people are courting me and that bothers me", says Annie Anzouer!

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Fans of Cameroonian singer Annie Anzouer were dumbfounded this week. While taking part in the program "Paroles de Femmes" last Tuesday on the television channel Equinoxe TV, the famous Cameroonian artist Annie Anzouer revealed that at present, it is young people who are courting her .

The singer of the group Zangaléwa was invited with the singers Daphné and Lynda Raymonde at her side. The show was essentially about the sentimental life of each and it is a question of talking about it without taboo.

Thus, by answering the question of Julie NGUE, the presenter of this cult program, Annie Anzouer makes a truly surprising statement:

« Currently there are only young people who court me and that bothers me », She blurted out.

A statement that is causing a sensation on social networks, particularly in Cameroon. " There is something the "mother" I saw once in my neighborhood, thin, a beautiful woman like never seen before »Writes William Domche, a young man fan of the artist on the Facebook page.

As a reminder, Annie Anzouer, is a Cameroonian artist and singer born May 15, 1967 in Lolodorf, in the Ocean department, region of South Cameroon.

She began her career in the Zangaléwa group and in 1991, she began a solo career. In 1994 she released her first solo album with the main title Variations. The “Little Mermaid of Kribi” is therefore revealed to the Cameroonian public as a vocal singer.

Between 2002 and 2004, Annie Anzouer worked as a cultural promoter and artistic director. In Douala, in the Cabaret Music Hall "La Pêche", she offers shows with Ben Decca, Lapiro de Mbanga, Ekambi Brillant, Charlotte Mbango, Papa Zoé, Douleur, Papa Wemba, Francky Vincent, Jocelyne Labylle. In 2005, she participated in the organization of singing workshops in schools.



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