Booba angry with Master Gims publishes a photo of him without glasses

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Booba angry with Master Gims publishes a photo of him without glasses

The clash between Booba and Gims is starting again! The former published a photograph of the latter, without his legendary sunglasses.

We can no longer count the number of rappers with whom Booba is cold. If there is obviously Kaaris, against whom he has already fought and against whom a "octagon" had to be organized, one of the main enemies of the Duke of Boulogne is Maître Gims. Why don't the two get along?

In audios, which Booba had shared, we could listen to Gims and his wife invoke God so that he would end Booba's career. What had not pleased the latter. B2O had reacted on Instagram, but his post had been deleted.

This Saturday July 4th, Booba did it again. But this time, he was more vehement. He did not hesitate to put another layer in his war against Gims. So what did he do? Well, he published a photograph of Gims ... without his famous sunglasses. In legend, the father of Luna and Omar requests an apology. “The eyes are the reflection of the soul. I only see the reflection of a donkey who does not know where his place is. I await your apologies and those of your marabout wife ", he writes mockingly. One thing is certain: this clash between two personalities of French rap is far from over!

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