Charlotte Dipanda finally displays her lover in her new clip

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Charlotte Dipanda finally displays her lover in her new clip

Charlotte Dipanda coach at The Voice Afrique Francophone gave us a videogram of the sound a few months ago under the direction of the label Universal Music Africa.

The 34-year-old woman through her new tube "When you're not there", shows the absence of his man. Charlotte admits to feeling lonely and lacking in her partner.

According to the many rumors that have flowed about his alleged relationship with the other coach of The Voice Afrique Francophone "Singuila", and her sexual position of having a penchant for women, Charlotte Dipanda has proven the opposite through this single that she dedicates to her lover.

Indeed, in a rather atypical style which is a mixture of world Music, Makossa and Afropop, she sings love in these terms, "Gently darling, train me not to fall in love any more"; "When you are not there, my baby I do not live"; "I want to shout all over the place my love, Na Tondi Oa". Oh! when love holds us!

Charlotte Dipanda, in any case, is doing her best to nail down her critics. Beautiful song. And you ? Do you enjoy this new baby !?

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