02 traffickers arrested in Foumbot / Cameroon in possession of human bones

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02 traffickers arrested in Foumbot / Cameroon in possession of human bones

It was during an operation led by the Foumbot Gendarmerie brigade and the Forest and Hunting Control Post in the same town.

Two whole human skeletons were recently seized in Foumbot, Noun department (Western region), in the hands of traffickers who were about to sell them. The arrest is the result of an investigation into illegal wildlife trafficking in the region.

The operation was carried out with the technical assistance of LAGA, a non-governmental organization specializing in the application of the wildlife law adopted in Cameroon in 1994. At the time of the operation, the human bones found were hidden in two suitcases by two young men.

One of the traffickers left from the border town of Ambam in the southern region to sell the bones. The agents of the National Gendarmerie who carried out the arrest say that the bones were unearthed in Ndikan, a village near Foumbot and that the traffickers have clients in the country and abroad.

One of the traffickers who resisted violently during the arrest was quickly subdued by the gendarmes. Today, the two suspects are currently in pre-trial detention. It is the second time in about a month that traffickers have been arrested in the same town of Foumbot in possession of the human remains. Three were arrested in May this year, with human remains and sentenced to five years in prison.

In 2012, wildlife officials from Djoum (southern region), in collaboration with the gendarmerie and with technical assistance from LAGA, had arrested five men with parts of an elephant and parts of the human body.

Trafficking in bones and human organs is reportedly increasing in the Noun department and several people have recently been arrested for their involvement in crimes.

A child was also found alive in the hands of his captors the same day the three human bone traffickers were arrested by the national gendarmerie.

In January 2020, a gang of four suspected human bone traffickers was arrested in Koutaba (still in the Noun). They desecrated a grave for the sum of 10 million FCFA.

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