5 tips to properly prepare your skin before exposing it to the sun

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5 tips to properly prepare your skin before exposing it to the sun

It is very important to take care of your skin before going out in the sun. Here are 5 tips to follow to prepare it before exposing yourself.

Finally, it's summer! For many of us summer rhymes with warmth, beach, ice, barbecue, cocktails ... But also with sports sessions to have a summer body and intense tanning sessions to have a perfect complexion. Yes, but before exposing yourself to the sun, take good care of your skin! So having a nice tan we say yes but, only if our skin does not suffer from it. We take this opportunity to remind you not to expose yourself to the sun at the hottest hours. And before you expose yourself, here are 5 tips to follow to properly prepare your skin for the sun. Take notes!

A good little scrub

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Let's start at the beginning: before claiming to have a beautiful tan you must first exfoliate your skin. To do this, you just need to make a gentle exfoliation once a week so as to refine your skin texture and cleanse your pores. Thanks to the scrub you will stimulate but also keep your tan! If you don't know which brand to favor there are some great ones at sephora.

Hydrate your skin well

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Hydration is an essential step. The drier your skin, the more it will react badly to exposure to the sun ... And to moisturize your skin it also happens indoors, don't forget to drink at least 1,5L of water per day!

A good diet

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Yes again, fruits and vegetables are our best friends. Favor beta-carotene foods, known to protect the skin and give a healthy glow (carrot, tomato, mango, orange, sweet potato or apricot). But also foods rich in vitamin A, such as cheese, eggs, parsley, green vegetables ... But also essential fatty acids that promote skin regeneration, namely salmon, tuna, sardines ...

Food supplements

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Thanks to these small capsules you will help your skin prepare for tanning while reducing the risk of sunburn and pigmentation spots. We advise you to start your treatment 3 weeks before going on vacation so that your skin is well prepared for tanning sessions. Some food supplements contain colored pigments which will allow you to boost the production of melanin in your body and you will gradually obtain a nice natural tanned complexion. Learn well and choose the supplements that match your skin type!

The oily macerate of carrots

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Credit: mycosmetik.fr

As we told you a little above, carrots help the skin prepare for the sun because they are rich in beta-carotene and therefore they look good. And that's not all ! You can also use the carrot as a protective oil. We advise you to apply the oily carrot macerate for 15 days before exposing yourself to the sun. You'll see, in addition to moisturizing your skin, it has self-tanning effects

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