XNXX: 3 tips to surprise your partner in bed

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Sometimes we tend to get used to our little comfort in terms of sex. But to spice up your relationships under the duvet, here are 3 tips to surprise your partner in bed!

When you have been in a relationship for a long time, it is sometimes difficult to find a way to put spice under the duvet. Even more so when it's really hard to relax during love. Indeed, in these cases, we tend to rest on our laurels and not to leave our comfort zone. However, it is not so complicated to surprise someone who shares their life with small gestures that will make all the difference. And if Trendy suggested that you find places to make love based on your astrological sign, here are 3 tips to surprise your partner in bed.

A naughty atmosphere you will create

To upset the rhythm of everyday life a little, you can start by creating a different atmosphere. We advise you to push the surprise to the maximum by preparing something during the absence of your / your companion / companion. So you can put pretty satin sheets, arrange flower petals, light candles, prepare massage oils and opt for a sexy outfit or why not for an Eve or Adam outfit? This is sure to surprise your sweetheart when he returns and excite him to the maximum. In short, make sure to change the decor of the room to make the moment new and different.

Unusual positions you will learn

If you don't really want to get into a complicated staging, you can also take a look online to learn new positions. So, this will allow you to bring a whole new energy on the comforter and no doubt that it will be a privileged moment both to strengthen your bond but also to take pleasure in two. To succeed in surprising your partner, we advise you the position of the anvil for example which requires a certain flexibility but which would be a real source of pleasure. But there are many positions that will be just as nice.

A role play you will prepare

This can be very funny and can promise unprecedented carnal moments. Why not put yourself in the shoes of different characters in order to raise desire? We obviously think of the classics such as the doctor and the nurse, the thief and the burglar, the plumber and his / her client, but there are many others. It's up to you to see what could surprise your partner the most and offer you a moment that will go off the beaten track. Finally, remember that communication also helps a lot in spicing up sex. Do not hesitate to talk about your desires to the one who shares your life.

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