XNXX: 3 books to know everything about sex

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From the 1001 ways to have fun to the secrets of the male sex, here are 3 books to get urgently to know all that it is important to know about sexuality in order to live it fully.

Jouissance Club

Originally an Instagram account, Jouissance Club is now a sex education manual promoting pleasure accessible to all, women, men, non-binary, hetero, homo, bi and all that. Jüne Plã, the author of this book, full of erotic drawings and practical advice, notably suggests putting penetration aside to focus on the 1001 ways to have fun differently, uninhibited, jubilant and caring. Using numerous diagrams, she proposes a cartography of the multiple zones which give pleasure and an inventory of orgasmic movements.

Jouissance Club, by Jüne Plã, Editions Marabout - € 16,90
Sex according to Maïa

Maïa Mazaurette is the sex expert of the World, the columnist who dissects and decomplexes sexualities with humor and lightness. And this year, she released a book that lists fifty of her chronicles, in order to present "An analysis of our sexual practices, rid of old guilt". Through her chronicles, Maïa tackles subjects like the vision of bodies, our practices, our ideals, our cultural habits, while asking the necessary questions, such as: "Should we try everything sexually?" " or : "Do we still need sex? ". A really interesting, informative and liberating book.

Sex according to Maïa - Beyond conventional wisdom, Maïa Mazaurette, Editions de la Martinière - € 22,90
My sex & Me

Whether it's 15 or 70, men still have questions about their penis. Why is it done like this, how does it work, am I normal? It is to answer these questions that Marc Galiano, andrologist, and Rica Etienne, journalist, wrote this book. They explain in particular the functioning of the penis and the problems that arise from it. The goal: free speech and answer once and for all the questions that men often ask themselves in secret. On the program: the mysteries of erection and ejaculation, or the secrets to optimize sexual pleasure.

My sex & me, Manuel to understand and repair his penis, Dr Marc Galiano and Rica Etienne, at Editions Marabout - € 17,90

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