DJ Arafat's family struck by new mourning

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DJ Arafat's family struck by new mourning

As they are about to celebrate the few years after the death of Yôrôbo, the Houon family is struck by a new death. The daughter of Tv3 dj, the older brother of DJ Arafat died this Saturday following a short illnesse.

Currently in Chad, his father is speechless from abroad and does not return because of the closed air borders. According to our colleagues at the infodrome, the little girl did not show any signs of fever and illness until last night.

She was then taken to a hospital where she died this morning. Another shock for Tv3 Dj who obviously did not digest the death of his youngest.

Almost a year since he died, the late Houon Ange Didier said "Arafat" has not yet finished being mourned his family. All our thoughts are guided towards the family in general and towards the Dj Tv3. All our condolences.

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