Photo of Ariel Sheney Sitting on DJ Arafat's Grave Causes Chinese Anger

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Photo of Ariel Sheney Sitting on DJ Arafat's Grave Causes Chinese Anger

Ariel Sheney also called "Colonel Lôbôfouê" went to the tomb of the late artist, Arafat Dj. The former foal of Houon Ange Didier is determined to turn the page of history, hence his gesture of benevolence towards his ex-mentor.

The information went from ordinary to viral since it was published by a myriad of Ivorian celebrity magazines. The young artist on the eve of the disappearance of the legend of the cut-offset, was in cold with this one for personal and professional reasons.

Ariel Sheney had repeatedly tried to bury the hatchet, but to no avail. We still remember the last concert of Arafat DJ where Ariel Sheney was asked to kneel to beg for forgiveness from his mentor. Something he did without showing the slightest reluctance. Notwithstanding this unusual gesture, the situation hardly improved between the teacher and the pupil.

This separation will then encroach on the lifestyle of Ariel Sheney who will be seen by the Chinese of Arafat as a traitor (Judah) and he will be forced to live in the shadow of the Daïshi. And now things will know amphigouric proportions for the young artist: Arafat has broken his pipe. However, Colonel Lôbôfouê did not fully reconcile with the Ivorian legend before his death.

Absolution has fallen into the depths of the ocean. The disoriented Chinese seek to do battle with him. He is criticized, insulted by the fans of Arafat DJ and it is forbidden to attend the funeral funeral of his mentor by those and some members of the staff harnessed to this sad task.

All these reasons mentioned did not prevent him from carrying in his heart the one he considered his "dad". Ariel Sheney adulated Arafat Dj and revered him better than anyone. So, getting up and going to meditate on the tomb of his mentor, is to show how much the disappearance of Arafat really affected him. But, as we say, death does not stop love. May Arafat bring you the inner peace you need.

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