Cameroon: Ernest Obama Affair, Haman Mana's satirical editorial

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The arrest of journalist Ernest Obama continues to be talked about. Since June 18, the date of his arrest, the case has mobilized virtually the news. Media men are indignant. This is the case of the editor of the daily Le Jour, who in his editorial committed on June 22, denounces the treatment of which Ernest Obama is the victim.

In his editorial on Monday, Haman Mana condemn these “Magistrates who participate in this burlesque staging”, and journalists working for L'Anecdote Group who "Lent their pen to this stain".

teles has obtained this editorial and offers it to you…

The time of the siccarios [zealot who murdered with a dagger Editor's note]. The other day, a boss suspecting one of his employees to have taken some pennies from him, or to have doubled him on a few blows, decided to punish him. He landed loudly at the office, about twenty gendarmes, armed as if to flush out the most formidable of terrorists.

Who roughly grabbed the suspect employee and embarked, not without humiliating him in front of his colleagues and above all, by filming from the menu, the scene. It turns out that, this company is a television channel, that this employee is a journalist, and this boss a recently enriched businessman…

The film of the arrest appeared in prime time in the evening newspaper, with "reports" against the colleague and to the glory of the boss. It is in tune with the times, social networks have ignited, with especially those for whom, "it is well done" for this journalist, having regard to his particular way - it is an understatement - to practice the job…

Therein is not the problem. What is relevant in this scenario is the use of public force and the institutions of the republic to settle a private matter, outside the law. The members of the security forces who lend themselves to this game defile the uniform of the Armed Forces of Cameroon. They are not gendarmes, they are siccarios.

The magistrates who participate in this burlesque staging are perjury. The journalists who lent their pen to this stain have lost all professional honor. In the eyes of their peers and with the public.

For the rest, those who announced the chaos see it appear before their eyes: the hostage of the security forces and the institutions of the republic by village groups. Has fear instilled so cleverly since time installed torpor? There are still, in our country, sensible people, capable of saying stop to this drift. It is on this type of detail that the fate of a Nation is sometimes played out.

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