3 signs that you have not chosen the right orientation

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3 signs that you have not chosen the right orientation

Do you have any doubts about your choice of studies? If you recognize yourself in these signs, it is because you have to change lanes!

Not always easy to find your way. But at the end of high school, you have to make up your mind. Some make default choices trying to convince themselves that this is the best option, others are convinced that they have made the right decision, but in the end, after a few months, the doubt still persists. If this is your case, clues can help you know if you chose the right studies or not. Poor results, lack of attention and motivation: here are the signs that you should change course while there is still time.

Your results don't follow

If you are not doing well in class, it may be because your studies do not suit you. When a subject interests us less, we tend to make less effort, which may result in poorer ratings. "Students who do not like their studies almost always have worse results than those who like their studies and the reason is the motivation", says Nancy Leighton, program administrator at Queen's College.

You lack attention and motivation

If you prefer to sleep in the morning rather than going to class, if you balk at getting up every morning to go to class, if you have no qualms about skipping classes to do things that interest you moreis a sign that you are not studying what you would really like to study. Otherwise, you would be much more motivated to go to class. And if, when you succeed in motivating yourself, you don't listen to much, it means the same thing. A lack of attention and motivation is the ultimate proof that the subject does not interest you more than that.

You made a default choice

When you were in high school and you had to choose your graduate studies, you may not have really known what to do and you made a default choice, because you were good at it, because your parents encouraged you to do it, or because it was the most reasonable choice, with openings and a decent salary. But one thing is certain, you did not make this choice because you were passionate about it and that is the problem. We always say that we have to choose a path that we like because then we will never really have to work.

And if you really don't know what to do, we give you some tips to find your orientation more easily.

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