XNXX: 10 tips to satisfy a woman

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Want to learn how to impress a woman in bed? here is where and how to focus your attention while you are making love, in order to take your partner to seventh heaven and beyond.

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    Help her to relax. The first thing for a woman to enjoy in bed is to do everything you can to reduce stress. Most women respond to stress with a drop in libido. It is simply more difficult for a woman to take pleasure when she is stressed.

    • Help her keep the house, whether it's cooking meals or doing the dishes.
    • Give him a good back massage. She will especially appreciate it if you use massage oils and some scented candles.
    • Prepare a romantic bath with candles, scented bubbles and relaxing music.
    • Never pressure her or blackmail her to get her to sleep with you.
  2. Take the time to make her want to. Women are generally not ready to make love as quickly as men. You will need to take the time to do foreplay to prepare your partner's body for sexual activity. For this, you can make use of a lot of different things, kissing oral sex and other activities.

    • Try to excite him with the words. Don't be vulgar or overly raw (unless she likes it too). Just tell her how much you want to strip her and cover her body with kisses. Tell her that you want to count all the freckles on her body with your tongue ... or something like that. Your language should be focused on your desire to please him.
    • Explore her body with your fingertips. Be gentle and stick to sensitive areas instead of touching them directly. You will make her mad and make her want you very much.
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    Learn female anatomy. If your partner is not sexually satisfied, it is probably because you are not caressing her properly. Men experience pleasure from stimulation of the penis and naturally think that women experience pleasure from stimulation of the vagina. False! Women reach orgasm by stimulating the clitoris, which is located outside the vagina. Do some research on the clitoris and find a way to stimulate this sore spot to give pleasure to your partner.
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    Discover its sensitive areas. Other areas of a woman's body are extremely sensitive and will give her pleasure when you stimulate them. Try licking, kissing or massaging these points with your fingertips. Some women will even appreciate light pain on these areas. You could then try to pinch, bite, scratch or spank them.

    • These areas are for example the nape and sides of the neck, the nipples (and the area surrounding them), the belly, the buttocks and the inner thighs.
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    Try different rhythms and variations. That's where the old adage comes from, "what matters is not the size, but what you do with it." Women have very few nerve endings in the vagina, which gives them pleasure during penetration is then the variations of your movements. Try different rhythms, pressures and angles and see what pleases him. Each woman is different, so you can never know what will bring pleasure to your partner. But be aware that just making the jackhammer will not bring him as much pleasure as you do.
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    Master oral stimulation. Oral sex is very pleasant, but men tend to receive more than they give. Your partner, however, derives as much pleasure from it as you and can be even more. If you really want to earn points with it, work on your technique and do it more frequently. Do some research or even ask him to guide you.
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    Ask him for his fantasies. it is important that she knows that you are looking at all costs to satisfy her and this without limits. So find out what his fantasies are and talk about them. When she is free enough to reveal her deepest desires to you, you will only have to realize them to fulfill her completely.
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    Change the person who has control. Some women like to stay submissive during sex, while others prefer to take control. All women are different and you should not trust websites that claim to have universal answers. Give your partner the opportunity to try both options and see what they prefer. And even if she has a preference for one of the situations, that does not mean that she does not want from time to time to change roles!
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    Constantly innovate. It is very annoying and frustrating to always make love in a routine and predictable way. Don't let your sex life become predictable and your partner will remain happy for the rest of your life. Try new positions, new places, new schedules and alternate the person taking control.
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    Talk to him. Talk about it if you feel like you are unable to give him pleasure. She will guide you to get there. Communication is the key to relationships and you shouldn't be shy about bringing it up with it. Your sex life can only improve if you talk about what you like and what you fear.

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