Justin Bieber at the heart of a scandal

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Justin Bieber at the heart of a scandal

There never goes a day when a star is not at the heart of the news. This time it's Justin Bieber's turn, the ex of singer Selena Gomez who shakes up social networks with a scandal.

Young songwriter Justin Drew Bieber of his full name is accused of rape by two women on the night of Sunday.

The young man of 26 years, faced with these judgments, was not without a word, he also gave his version.

According to ohmymag.com, it was on the social network Twitter that two young women Danielle and Kadi accused singer Justin Bieber of rape on the night of June 20-21.

Indeed, the facts go back to 2014 and 2015. Danielle says that she was sexually abused by singer Justin Bieber in 2014 at the Four Season hotel.

Still according to the source, the young woman would have met the star at a party and would have followed him to the hotel accompanied by his two friends and a friend of Justin.

She tells the chilling tale: "Justin's friend brought my two friends to one room and Justin took him to another room. He asked for my phone to charge it. I guess it was just an excuse to take it off. He then asked me to join him in the bed. I wondered why this was normal. (…)

I started to tell myself that all of this was suspect. I asked her where Selena was, to have the conversation. He told me not to worry about it, that she would join us later. I kept asking questions to make the conversation, but he leaned over to kiss me. I was in shock.

Our little kisses have become a session of foreplay. He pushed me against the bed after ten minutes, got on top of me (…) unbuttoned my jeans, took it off and started to search for my underwear with his fingers. (…)

I told her it was going too far and that we should stop because I needed to find my friends, because I felt guilty about Selena. That's when he said to me, “Relax. Everyone is well."

He then took off my pants, took off his pants, his pants, pulled the sheets to put them on us. His body was on mine, skin to skin.

I was very uncomfortable and had trouble breathing. I told him to leave because I was really worried about my friends, but it was too late. It penetrated me before I could add anything. He came and went inside of me. I was lying, mute. My body was unconscious. ”

As for the second young woman, the facts would have taken place during an evening in New York, in May 2015:

"I went to the bathroom and he followed me, locked the door. I asked him what was going on and why he had locked the door, he replied that he would tell me why.

So he started kissing me, touching my body and caressing me. I told her to stop, that I couldn't have sex before the wedding.

He pushed me against the bed and got on top of me (…) and penetrated me (…) and I pushed him away by striking between his legs and I ran out. ”

After the judgments launched against the star, Justin Bieber decides to break the silence after having discussed with his team and his wife, Hailey Bieber.

However, he denies the charges and decided to post invoices on Twitter to prove his innocence.
“Just to be clear, I was in Austin that night with my girlfriend at the time, Selena Gomez. I did not sleep at the Four Seasons, but in an Airbnb. And the next night, I slept at the Westin hotel.

Any report of sexual abuse must be taken seriously, and that is why I wanted to respond to it myself. In my case, this story is factually impossible. So I'm going to act via Twitter and take the authorities to the people who want to put me in danger ” did he declare.

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