XNXX: The 30 days sex challenge that all couples should try

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Want to spice things up a bit with your partner? We advise you to try this 30-day challenge.

When it comes to breaking the routine in bed, there is no shortage of ideas. But in general, we make the effort once and then calmly resume our habits. It's not really what you call stepping out of your comfort zone. What if you challenged yourself to change your sexual habits for at least 30 days? This is the very concept of the 30 days sex challenge. The idea: make love every day for 30 days, but with specific recommendations to follow each day, just to spice things up a bit. Why do that ? To get out of the routine, but also to get closer and create even more bond.

To make this challenge as it should be, some guidelines are to be observed. First, ceach partner can modify or replace the activity for two of the days of their choice before the start of the challenge. However, no modification is possible once the challenge has started. Second, each partner has two days in which they can choose to just have sex and ignore specific activities. Third, partners can also add anything to the list if they both agree. Fourth, holidays and menstruation periods will be treated as breaks. And finally, if a day is missed, a day will be added to the challenge, which will increase the duration of the challenge, but it cannot exceed 40 days!

Day 1: Make love at a time other than bedtime (morning, noon, afternoon or early evening…)

Day 2: Try a new position never tested before

Day 3: Make love twice in the same day

Day 4: Read an excerpt from one erotic book to another before making love

Day 5: Make love in the shower

Day 6: Make a whole body massage to each other

Day 7: Make a quickie (10 minutes top time, or less)

Day 8: making love in a car

Day 9: Make love sitting, on a chair or on a sofa

Day 10: Make a sexy massage with oil before making love

Day 11: Practice oral sex (cunnilingus and fellatio) only

Day 12: One of the two partners dominates the other (giving him orders, tying him up…)

Day 13: Make your partner have an orgasm during foreplay

Day 14: Make love in another place of the apartment or the house than the bed

Day 15: Masturbating opposite each other

Day 16: Find two or three complex Kamasutra positions to try

Day 17: Use sex toys

Day 18: Watch an erotic movie together

Day 19: Making love without penetration

Day 20: Share one of your fantasies by text

Day 21: Visit a sex shop together (and buy something if possible)

Day 22: The man must bring the woman to orgasm, without penetration. Hands, mouth or toys only!

Day 23: Take a break! Just make love

Day 24: Make a sex game using naughty dice, a wheel or a mobile application

Day 25: Try slow sex (the art of taking your time to make love)

Day 26: Let your partner dominate you

Day 27: Dine outside and touch each other under the table

Day 28: Having multiple orgasms during the day

Day 29: flip a coin to determine who will control the other in bed

Day 30: Make love all night!

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