3 techniques to put things into perspective during an anxiety attack

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3 techniques to put things into perspective during an anxiety attack

Anxiety is a real burden for those who suffer from it, but can we manage to put things into perspective during an anxiety attack? Trendy gives you 3 techniques to try to achieve this.

Although it is still taboo and few people talk about it freely, anxiety remains the most common mental illness. Indeed, stress is almost inevitable in our society, whether it is because of pervasive social pressure, too demanding work or difficult family problems to overcome, it is now an integral part of our lives. Even though it can manifest itself in a different way, everyone has already felt the stress build up in situations that put the nerves to the test. Not easy to relax in all situations!

And unfortunately, for some (s) anxiety results in anxiety attacks impossible to stop and which seriously spoil life. Thus, chest tightness, stomach aches, tremors, palpitations and many other symptoms can be triggered at the least unwelcome time. And if they seem particularly persistent, there are solutions to better understand them. Besides, there are even foods that help reduce anxiety. Trendy gives you 3 techniques to try to put things into perspective when this happens.

1) Acceptance

When the tension starts to rise, our first reflex is to try everything to prevent it. This provision is part of us. As soon as a negative feeling invades us, we tend to try not to feel it. However, this unfortunately does not help. Indeed, our determination to stop the crisis before it occurs only aggravates it because we focus all our energy on the possibility of stopping it when it is generally impossible.

One of the keys to relativizing what is happening is therefore first and simply to accept it. Yes, the anxiety attack is here. Yes, it is strong and intense but it will pass. Remember that nothing is permanent in this world and that we are in perpetual motion. The moment will be difficult but it will be replaced by another. Expression " After rain the good weather " has never made more sense than in this specific situation.

2) Letting go

Often, anxiety is accompanied by negative thoughts. We will blame ourselves for being incompetent, too sensitive, less than nothing ... and we pass. More so if the anxiety attack brings with it painful symptoms. In these cases, we will imagine terrible outcomes which obviously accentuate the anxiety even more. Because stress is often triggered when we fear for our future, when we write a story that will end badly.

It is important to remember that our thoughts are just thoughts. They come and go depending on our mood. Even if it is complicated in the hardest moments, it is essential to learn to look at them like clouds in the sky. They pass and end up disappearing. One of the techniques is therefore to let go and observe them without judgment, with benevolence. Anxiety can't be controlled, can't be controlled, and it's not your fault.

3) Focus on your breathing

It is one of the basics of meditation. When the mind gets carried away and becomes anxious, we are used to being overwhelmed by our thoughts and losing track of the present moment. However, it is often the key to getting out of a crisis. So focusing on your breathing is a good way to clear your head and come back to the present moment. By carefully observing the air entering and leaving our body, we are better able to step back from our emotions and apprehend the physical sensations that accompany anxiety.

To achieve this, we must isolate ourselves in a quiet room, close our eyes and try to take a step back from all the thoughts that inhabit us to focus only on our breath. To help you, there are many applications that offer initiation courses but also internships directly related to anxiety and stress such as the Calm app. But you can also turn to lithotherapy because the stones have soothing properties.

Either way, if these techniques don't work right away, don't put yourself under pressure. Take time and be kind to yourself. We are all different and it is by trying not to judge yourself and not to feel guilty that you will be able to find solutions to put things into perspective when you are stressed.

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