Health: 8 important things to know about the rules

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Health: 8 important things to know about the rules

Do you have a lot of questions about your period? You will probably find your answer here!

All cycles are different

A cycle is composed as follows: the first day corresponds to that of the first day of menstruation, until the ovaries release an ovum (ovulation) and the uterus accumulates a mucosa to house the ovum in the event of fertilization. The duration, meanwhile, depends on each woman. Some have 21 day cycles, others 35 day. It is therefore perfectly normal not to have the same cycle as your sister, mother or friends. In addition, it can fluctuate from month to month!

Between two and three tablespoons of blood is lost during a period

You may feel like you're losing a lot of blood during your period, but it's just an impression. In reality, on average, we lose between two and three tablespoons of blood per period, but it may be less or more in some women. Some have scanty periods, others very abundant, just like the cycle, it depends on each.

We talk about pre-menstrual syndrome?

Between emotional roller coasters, sudden cravings, tight breasts, muscle aches and cramps, pre-menstrual syndrome does exist. It is the result of hormonal changes a week or two before your period starts and it can make life difficult. But if it makes life too difficult, it may be good to go to a doctor.

Some contraceptive methods make your period disappear

Are you taking hormonal contraception and have you noticed a drop in the volume of your period or simply no periods? It's normal. Under hormonal contraception, such as the pill, the ring, the patch, the implant or even the hormonal IUD, the rules are artificial. These are actually withdrawal bleeds due to the fall of hormone at the end of the wafer. They are therefore less abundant and sometimes they disappear completely.

Bleeding outside of the rules is not usually a problem

Some women have some blood loss during ovulation, around the middle of the cycle, but this can also happen for hormonal reasons, stress or when changing contraceptives. If this happens from time to time, nothing to worry about, but if it happens every month for several months, it is better to talk to the doctor, as it may be a medical reason.

Can you make love during your period?

And it's a big YES. Having sex during your period also offers many benefits: it can reduce menstrual cramps and additional lubrication can make penetration easier. However, you should not forget to use a condom, because the chances of getting a sexually transmitted infection are higher at this time of the month. Not to mention that it is possible to get pregnant anyway.

30% of women think you can't get pregnant during your period

If it is unlikely that a woman will get pregnant during her period, it is still possible! Although women usually ovulate about 14 days after their period starts, some may ovulate unpredictably. So, if you ovulated at the start of the cycle or if your period is longer than 5 days, you can get pregnant.

There are many reasons for late periods

Sometimes the period is late or doesn't arrive at all. This does not necessarily mean that there is an ongoing pregnancy. In reality, the reasons can be multiple: it can be due to stress, a change in lifestyle, a significant fluctuation in weight, intensive sports or a weakened immune system. Finally, it can also be due to pregnancy, so it is better to have a test just in case.

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