Facebook: here's what happens to the accounts of deceased people.

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Facebook is transforming the accounts of deceased people into "commemoration" accounts. These are specially designed pages so that loved ones can pay homage to the deceased.

What is a commemoration account?

It is almost the same as a normal account, except that there is a small flower in the top left and the inscription "in memory of" next to the profile photo. These accounts disappear from public Facebook spaces: they no longer appear in your newsfeed and birthday reminders are deleted. These are sort of "dormant" profiles, on which friends (and only friends) can still publish tribute messages.

Who manages my profile after I die?

You must appoint a legatee. It's quite simple to do: you go to your account settings and register the name of a friend or family member. Warning ! He must be a member of Facebook. Your loved one will receive an email which will give them access to your death. Your legatee will not be able to do anything: he will have the right to manage publications or change your profile photo, but prohibition to read your messages or delete friends. Note that you can also ask Facebook to simply delete your account when you die. Last warning: if you do not fill in anything in your settings, Facebook will automatically transform your account into a "tribute" profile, without the possibility of modifications. Only the immediate family has a remedy: they can request that it be deleted.

How does Facebook know someone has died?

Facebook doesn't suck it with its thumb. Members must warn him, preferably relatives, ideally the family. Or even better, the person designated as legatee.

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